Cala Leather Belt - Cognac


Picture yourself wearing a pair of jeans that need holding up. Cala belt can do that for you. Now, you've put on a pair of trousers with a blouse and need to dress it up a bit. Cala belt can do that for you. Now you're wearing a dress or a tunic and you need to create a waist. Cala belt can do that for you too. The adjustable snaps make this one of the most versatile belts on earth. You can wear it casual or dressy. Wear it low on hips or high on waist. This belt is pure genius and you need to have it as a staple in your closet!

Genuine Leather


  • One Size
  • 44”/112.5 cm length
  • .5”/1.5 cm width

✅  Genuine Argentinian Leather
✅  Handmade by artisans
✅  Vegetable-tanned
✅  Chromium free
✅  Versatile (one-size)

Every belt comes with a dust bag. Dust bag acts as a second skin to your luxury item. It shields it from dust, dirt and protects the leather.


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The special leather smell everyone loves is likely from a high-quality, vegetable-tanned product.  This intoxicating smell comes from these natural ingredients used, and can be preserved in your product for years to come!

The leather from our collection is raw organic leather that is susceptible to scratches and some colors get more than others, but you would just need to moisturize the leather and the marks would disappear.


There are two main types of tanning used for leather: Vegetable Tan (what we use exclusively for our products), and Chrome Tan. 

Vegetable Tanning is more expensive and can take more effort and time. However, it is significantly more eco-friendly due to the natural materials used. Chrome tan, on the other hand, uses harsh artificial chemicals and chromium in the process.  It can be completed in a fraction of the time and is significantly cheaper.