Women Jean Belts: An ADA Belt Story | Accessories for Women

Women Jean Belts | Accessories for Women
There was a time when jeans were made for heavy duty work.But what about belts? We've forgotten their services. Humble and silent they aided us without complaining. The most loyal guardians protecting their realms. Locking the fortress. No credit whatsoever. So now... Would you still call them, just belts?
Skinny belts, wide belts, jean belts, wrap belts, ADA Collection Online Store has them all. Women Accessories such as Jean Belts do more than hold your jeans on your waist, they add the finishing touch to complete the outfit. They break up prints on your maxi dresses and work well to define your waist.
Directed and created by Mariano Patrucco
D.P: Ian Feld
Model: Ana Sicilia
Styling: Luciana Sabsay
Script: Federico Barbieri & Mariano Patrucco
Props & Art: Mercedes Rabovich
Make Up: Sol Marcer
Graphic Design: Guido Flichman
Production Assistant: Juan Garona
Filmed in Buenos Aires - Argentina
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