How to tie the ADA OBI Wrap Belt and OBI SASH Belts

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Showing you how to tie, style, and wear the ADA Wrap Belt with your own wardrobe! Learn how this hand crafted leather belt can be tied in a floral rosette knot, ocho knot, or men's tie knot. The ADA Wrap belts such as obi sash is best worn around the waist instead of the hips. The sash belts fit petite, medium, and plus size body types very well. The ADA Wrap belt naturally defines the waist and works well to split up prints. The Ada leather wrap belt can fit a contemporary style or a boho chic style.
ADA offers the sash belts in naturals such as tan leather, black leather, cognac leather, and grey leather as well as resort colors such as red leather, mustard leather, and aqua leather. The OBI  WRAP BELTS can easily be tied in various ways and being a staple piece that is versatile to many women there are constantly new methods to tie the belt being created. Read more about the origins of the obi belt on our Blog and leave us a comment on what tie is your favorite. We would love to see it. Shop our endless collection of bright and colorful leather obi wrap belts on the ADA Collection Online Store.

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