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Article: 6 Ways to Wear White Pants for Different Styles

6 Ways to Wear White Pants for Different Styles

6 Ways to Wear White Pants for Different Styles

White may be a neutral color you can wear with practically everything in your wardrobe – but its actually a tricker color than we think.  And its surprisingly hard to wear right especially once you start considering your body shape and type. 

If you’ve ever wondered, “how do I wear white pants or jeans and make them look amazing?”  this post is for you! We selected our favorite white outfits in different styles that you can save and draw inspiration from.


A hat, nice boots and an awesome fringe belt and you’re ready to go!

Belt: Fringe Soga
Image credit: The Back Room


Need a little more formal outfit? Yes, you can wear white pants! Make sure you have a neutral structured shirt and add a Wrap belt to make it more stylish and put together.

Belt: Wrap Belt
Image credit: Free People

Instagram feed bloggers 1


No, it’s not Labor Day yet but an all white look is always stylish and chic and not to mention easy to put together.  If you feel a white tank top and white pants is too boring adding a textured belt will increase your cool factor 😉

Belt: Fringe Soga
Image credit: Free People


The key statement accessory in this outfit is the belt. With a T-shirt of your choice, pop a couple skinny belts through the loops of your white denim and voila – outfit perfection.

Belt: Cala



Dress up your white pants for a romantic dinner or a night with friends.


Belt: Josie
Image credit: Lindsay Albanese


Dusty blue and white always look so fresh, modern and easy to combine.  For this last but not least outfit we put together these two amazing colors plus a shimmer rose belt to keep this look crisp and fresh.

Belt: Tough Guy

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