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Article: How to Update Your Look in a Snap (literally)

How to Update Your Look in a Snap (literally)

How to Update Your Look in a Snap (literally)

Every piece in the ADA collection HAS to act as a styling piece- or it doesn’t make the cut. And lucky for the Cala belt this is another no-fuss, easy peasy belt in our collection (you know all the other easy styling pieces, right!?) that can be worn with dresses, skirts, tunics and denim.

The snaps on the Cala allow you to control the placement and just snap it in place without any overhanging leather. It’s an AMAZING style for covering those seam lines and elastic waists on rompers and jumpsuits and defining your waist with comfort.

How to make it yours

You know how much I love versatility to allow for your creativity.
Here are a few images of how the Cala can be snapped.



Side note: Share with us your favorite ways to style and wear the Cala belt!(#adabelts on Instagram and Facebook @adacollection) so we can re-share with our followers!

Don’t worry – don’t worry – I have a video in the works for wearing the Cala belt for your body type.

Thank you so much for reading – and now I’d love to see how you’re styling the Cala belt!

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