Belts have the power to transform your outfits!

A belt is one of your best allies when it comes to getting dressed, because it’s the only accessory that not only transforms your outfit by giving it a pop, but it also gives you a great shape, defining your waist and bringing balance to your look.  But most important of all, when you look good, you feel good.  That’s the power of a great belt. It boosts your mood.

More great news, a rich belt will make your outfit look more expensive. Perhaps you have a few less expensive dresses you bought on bargain and you’re trying to figure out how to wear them without giving away the red tag special.  A beautiful leather belt will honestly bring more luxe to the outfit, so it immediately looks more chic and elevated.

Next time you’re stuck trying to figure out what is missing in your outfit, consider giving it a cinche with a beautiful leather belt. 

Still not convinced?  Keep reading… ☺

Let's see what a belt can do to upgrade a look in these amazing before & after’s!


ada collection wrap belt before and after

Have a dress that you love, but you’re not sure how to make it define your waist? Hello Dress Belt! Leanne chose to complete her look with the cognac leather belt, giving her dress style, structure and a defined silhouette in an incredible way. Feminine, casual and classy outfit in seconds.


ada collection wrap belt before and after

Many dresses can come with its own waist tie, marking to the wearer where to cinche in the waist. And although convenient, most designers themselves agree that ditching the fabric or pleather belt and exchanging it out for an upscale leather belt will completely transform the dress. 

Likewise, covering up the elastic bands on a dress with a cute tie belt such as the skinny, midi or classic wrap belt, will also no doubt look cleaner and more expensive tying in your additional accessories such as your handbag or shoes.

Learn more from Tammy’s looks


ada collection wrap belt before and after

When you put on a pair of shorts and top, you’re putting on clothes.  But when you top it off with an accessory, now you have yourself an outfit.  In our opinion, an outfit is made when a third piece is introduced, being a blazer, a pair of fabulous earrings, or leather belt which pulls together the top and shorts nicely and smooths the transition between the two garments.  See photo above.

We love how Mandy puts together her outfit with a tan wrap belt! 

Now we want to hear from you.  What’s your experience with belting outfits and how do you think some pieces from your wardrobe can be upleveled with an ADA leather belt?

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