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Article: Travel Guide: Buenos Aires

Travel Guide: Buenos Aires

Travel Guide: Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires, a city that combines the charm of faded colonial architecture with the fiery passion of Latin culture. From the exquisite cuisine to the vibrant nightlife, this beautiful city is sure to capture your heart. As a travel enthusiast, I can say that Buenos Aires is a place of endless inspiration and color, where old meets new in perfect harmony.
One thing you'll notice here is that during the week, the locals dress to impress in their fancy attire, but come the weekend, it's all about slowing down and taking in the moment. Think long, leisurely barbecues, late nights, and lazy afternoons in the park. You'll love the elegant plazas, lush green spaces, and the sweet fragrance of flowers from the street vendors.
Wondering what to pack for your trip to Buenos Aires?
Don't fret - the Argentine style is effortlessly chic and casual. For men, slim-fit jeans or chinos with a printed shirt and a pair of stylish leather shoes are a safe bet. Ladies, you can't go wrong with jeans, smart casual tops, and versatile dresses. And don't forget to bring along some fun and classic accessories like rings, belts, and necklaces to add a touch of flair to your outfits. Voila! You're ready to explore this amazing city in style. For more data check our blog for style guide for holiday outfits!

When I travel to Argentina, it’s déjà vu. It was on a trip to this beautiful country when I discovered the gorgeous buttery leather and amazing craftsmanship which makes up ADA Collection. 

During my last trip to Buenos Aires, between work meetings and coffee breaks with the team, we managed to try some recommendations for the best eating, shopping and activities. These were my favorite local +  touristy spots and hidden gems.  Check them out!

    1. Café scene of Palermo Café con Leche + two medialunas, please! Medialunas…these flaky, sugary croissants are popular in Argentina. Try them with a cappuccino or a nice Italian latte. You can choose one of the +20 independent little cafés you’ll find on every corner. My favs are “Lab. Training Center & Coffee Shop”, “Birkin Coffee Bar” and “Nucha”
    2. Sunsets over Puerto Madero - We loved watching the sunset over Puerto Madero, a newly regenerated former port area of the city.
    3. Palacio BaroloOne of Buenos Aires' most beautiful monuments built in 1923. The unique design was inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. Palacio Barolo Tours offers a wide range of bilingual tours, including thematic tours focusing on architecture, literature, photography and night time tours including a wine tasting. 

4. Teatro ColónOccupying an entire city block, this impressive theater is one of Buenos Aires’s most prominent landmarks. It’s the city’s main performing arts venue, and with astounding acoustics, it's a world-class forum for opera, ballet and classical music.
5. El Ateneo Grand SplendidWhat was once a grand theater is now the world's greatest and glorious bookstore (which continues to flourish in the age of the Kindle). Love how most of the seating was replaced with bookshelves, but the original features have been preserved, including the beautiful painted cupola and balconies. Visitors can enjoy their reading while sipping coffee right on the theater’s stage.

6. Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos AiresSparkling inside its glass walls, this airy modern-art museum is one of the city's most impressive. It displays a fine Latin American art collection. The temporary exhibitions here are usually world-class, so it's worth a visit. 
7. Jardín Japonés. Best park for a peaceful escape. Bonsai trees, orchids, carp-filled ponds and Japanese sculptures help create a relaxing atmosphere. 
8. Parque Tres de Febrero. Known as “Los Bosques de Palermo”, is the most representative and important green place of Buenos Aires. It’s a great spot to see Palermo's fashionable residents.
9.Leave room for shopping! 
Whether it's a custom made leather jacket or a piece of limited edition handmade jewelry from a local Argentine designer. I share with you one of the two shops I like most from my last visit.

10.Autoría Shop Sophisticated designer shop, a gallery-like store with modern clothing, jewelry and housewares, plus unique gifts strives to promote Argentine designers. A must! 
11.PrüneAn Argentine brand of handbags, footwear, coats and accessories. Recognized for the design, price and quality of their products.
Until next time, Buenos Aires!
What are the things you love about the city? Thanks for reading!
Xoxo, Ada.

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