The holiday season is in full swing, and all the celebration provides endless opportunities to have fun with style. Whether you're into bright colors, shimmery details, or love to wear black, an ADA wrap belt always adds a unique touch to your outfit (and makes for a great conversation starter.  I mean, hands up every time you get a compliment on what you’re wearing when paired with an ADA belt!) :--)

Bright Colors

Baby, it may be cold outside, but you really can’t beat a red holiday outfit to bring up the heat. It just screams, “Cheer”, “Fun & festive” all at once.  To make it extra special and edgy, may we suggest combining it with another unexpected bright?  In this case, Gina (@ginamkstyle) is pairing a red top with purple trousers.  It’s bold and beautiful.  To give more shape to her top, she goes with a color-on-color red wrap belt as the finishing touch.  Voila, gorgeous!

wrap belt red ada collection


Opposite of Color

Black is a “color” that many of us truly do love.  It’s sophisticated, powerful, and classic. An all-black outfit popped with a Tan Wrap Belt is a big yes to give the look warmth and style.  Place the belt on the smallest part of your body, whether that’s high-on-waist, around your midsection over a bellowed flowy top or low slung on hips with a half tucked sweater.

wrap belt tan ada collection winter outfit
Love the way Lauren (@lakeshorelady) tied the ADA wrap belt in tan in and effortless double knot and tucked in the ties on the sides.

Glow Up!

We love the juxtaposition of a glamorous shiny dress paired with a casual down-to-earth leather belt, such as this truffle Tough Guy belt worn by Tara west (@tarawestfashion) ! The contrast of textures makes the outfit look more modern and sophisticated at the same time. Notice that the dress without a belt could have been shapeless and a big too flowy.  That’s the beauty of a belt.  An ADA belt gives you an automatic waist!  Yes please and thank you!

White for 2023

In the Argentinean culture, women bring on the new year with an all-white outfit for a fresh start and good vibes.  Of course, you have to add your own personality and twist to it so you stand out at the party.  What a better way to bring both color and polish to your all-white than to add an ADA Wrap belt.  White can look fabulous with any color wrap belt.  In this example, ADA model adds her touch with the papaya wrap belt and ties it into a rosette. For all ways to tie the wrap belt, see our wrap belt guide here.

 wrap belt papaya ada collection leather belt


Shine Baby Shine

We can’t talk about holiday outfits and not talk about our most loved and styled metallic belt, the ADA Wrap belt in gold.  We love the combination of adding shine to an otherwise neutral color outfit.  It gives it a splash of festivity, shine and glam.  See all the metallic belts we have including:  Gold, rose shimmer, truffle, and midnight.

 wrap belt gold ADA collection winter outfit

Hope you found these outfits both inspirational and excited to wear what you already have in your closet.  Sometimes it might be a matter of wrapping it up in a new way to give you a whole new look.  Ada Wrap belts can do that. :--)

Thanks for reading! 

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