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The Designer | Love Story | About our Leathers

The beginning
How Ada got inspired



 Raised in a loving Polish-American culture, Ada was encouraged to travel, learn languages, and to experience all that life has to offer. The only daughter in a family of musicians and actors, Ada grew up with love for the arts and a drive to express her own creative abilities and style. 

Traveling through Europe and South America inspired Ada to personalize simple, classic outfits with the fun, edgy accessories she found along the way. Next a move to cosmopolitan Santa Barbara solidified Ada's love for bright colors and soft, flowing fabrics, always accented by a hemline or other personal, eye catching twist. 

To Ada, fashion aquates with self-expression and fun, so absorbing the latest trends and adding her own twist was natural. It wasn't until Ada moved to Argentina, however, that she stumbled upon her life's path as a designer. She was dazzled by the array of shoes, handbags and belts available to her in colors she could only dream of, till then, constructed with a quality of leather she'd never seen before.

Fascinated, Ada started making her own adjustments to these styles. Something was always off, and Ada couldn't resist making improvements. Removing a buckle, adjusting some straps, looking for a more angular cut or cleaner finish – she took high quality products and added her own versatile and modern spin. She asked the factories directly for design changes creating more chic and contemporary versions that appealed to the women back home who were buying her creations. Designing came naturally to Ada – her inspiration was spontaneously sparked by the shapes and colors in nature and in the daily life around her, her eyes open and her sketchbook always ready.

By a fortunate turn of events, Ada moved to Buenos Aires and within a few months found her passion in life. She had the eye of an artist and the instinct of a trendsetter. The clean, sophisticated style of the Ada Collection is designed to inspire today's modern woman in search of her own bold self-expression.



Along the way
Ada met Gaston


Coincidentally, while falling in love with the country’s elegant fashion and lush leathers, she also fell in love with her business partner and now husband, Gaston Deferrari.

Two days into her first trip to Argentina, Ada met Gaston. Both down to earth yet full of energy, they shared the same sarcastic sense of humor, commitment to family, and interest in design – a perfect match. One week later, they had their first date--on Valentine's Day. Gaston surprised Ada with a nighttime picnic overlooking the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, and in the following weeks continued to romance the still wavering Ada with his sharp wit and playful charm. Finally, after winning over her visiting family, Gaston officially sealed his place in Ada's heart. A year later, they were married.

Gaston was the final piece of the puzzle. His business acumen, forward thinking and general optimism gave Ada that final push to finalize her collection. Gaston knew that their combined work ethic, marketing instincts, and Ada's beautiful, high quality products were something worth investing in. He sold the thriving print shop company he had founded in Buenos Aires, and moved to California where Gaston and Ada run what is today, ADA Collection. Since the first collection hit California boutiques in the fall of 2004, ADA belts are now found in over 2000 retail stores across the world, garnering attention from celebrities like Heidi Klum in her daily wardrobe and Giuliana Rancic.


Handmade in Argentina


There's nothing like Argentinian leather. The pervasive Italian influence and craftsmanship in Argentina, the vast cattle ranches, and the steadfast appreciation for tradition all ensure that this leather is the highest possible quality. ADA Collection was built on that exceptional quality and is proud to be defined by it. We use only the finest of leathers in our products, constructed by the skilled artisans of Buenos Aires using Ada's visionary designs.

On your first look at an ADA Collection handmade belt, you’ll be drawn in by the spectrum of vivid colors. Look more closely and you’ll notice the fine detail and variety of elegant textures, then step even closer to touch the softest, richest leather you can imagine. It's easy to see and feel what we mean by high quality the moment you come in contact with an ADA handmade belt.

A major factor in the success of ADA Collection is our unusually wide inventory of leathers. Ada doesn't create based simply on what's made available to her, like most leather goods designers – she can envision and make real her most inspired ideas, matching the perfect design to the perfect leather from the hundreds of colors and textures in their leather storerooms.