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Jean Belts

Jean Belts

The classic perfect jeans and blouse – a look that’s always in style and refreshingly easy to accessorize. Cinching the waist and adding a pop of color and personality to your outfit – the Jean Belt is that essential finishing touch! Boho, country, flirty or with some edgy studs – which ADA Jean Belt speaks to your Spring style?ADA jean belts are the perfect way to complete a casual yet polished day to day look. ADA jean belts are a staple that will get you through all the seasons because of their classic designs and their styling versatility.
One of our many timeless Jean Belts is the Alexia Belt. The Alexia belt has carried over from season to season due to it being a jean belt that has been designed to the next level. Technically the Alexia belt is a sized belt, but with slits all the way around the entire belt you can purchase a size large and sell it as a one-size!
Jeans have acquired credit for their hardworking demeanor, but Women's Leather Belts deserve the same appreciation. They do more than a simple task of keeping your jeans on your waist. ADA Collection belts add flare to any outfit while staying on top of the latest trends. An ADA Girl can easily express her individualistic style without feeling as if a belt only fits one need. A belt can give the finishing touch to your favorite outfit by highlighting your waist or separating patterns.

Jean Belts

Working hard and looking great is our latest motto and it can be achieved with wearing ADA skinny belts, wide belts, jean belts, and wrap belts and they are available at the online store. A variety of handcrafted belts are waiting to take an adventure with you and are only a click away! Let your jeans know who’s boss by letting ADA Collection belts take the lead and don’t forget to remember: they are more than “just belts.”

Directed: Mariano Patrucco (
D.P: Ian Feld (
Make up: Melissa Oretta (
Model: Kris Jung
Production: ADA team (Gaston Deferrari, Ada Komorniczak, Vanessa Urenda)
Styling: Luciana Sabsay, Vanessa Urenda
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Ada Deferrari, CEO & Founder.

"I created ADA belts in 2008 when women werecraving to look and feel beautiful withoutinvesting in a totally new wardrobe.Today We are still doing what we love –making unique belts in small, consideredbatches with attention to every detail.Since 2019, we have expanded from belts toadd Dress Your Shape style courses to colorfulscarves and a Clothing Line.Creativity is at the heart of what we do. We arealways thinking of new designs and how wecan bring value and education toour customers from our signaturepoint of view."

We truly understand you because we are just like you.


Our belts are more than accessories; they are versatile companions crafted to seamlessly integrate into various styles and occasions. From casual chic to professional elegance, our designs adapt to diverse wardrobes, reflecting the dynamic and multifaceted nature of those who choose ADA Collection.


ADA Collection is more than a fashion statement; it's a declaration of empowerment. Our belts are designed to accentuate individuality, providing a confident and empowering touch to every ensemble. We believe that true style is a reflection of self-assuredness, and our belts are the embodiment of that belief.


In a world where trends come and go, ADA Collection stands as a testament to timeless design. Our belts are not fleeting fashion moments; they are enduring pieces that transcend seasons, evolving with the wearer while maintaining an eternal appeal. Timelessness is the heartbeat of our brand, ensuring that each ADA belt is an investment that stands the test of time.

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