Happy Mother's Day

Being your Mother means that I have had the opportunity to experience loving someone more than I love myself No one's smile has ever warmed my heart like yours does; no one's laughter fills my heart with delight as quickly as yours can. No one's hugs feel as sweet, and no one's dreams mean as much to me as yours do. Being your mother means that I've been given one of life's greatest gifts: you.

Directed: Mariano Patrucco (facebook.com/mariano.patrucco.5)
D.P: Ian Feld (facebook.com/ian.feld.9?fref=ts)
Child: Catalina Deferrari
Young Child: Kaia Deferrari
Parents: Gaston Deferrari, Ada Komorniczak,
Styling: Luciana Sabsay, Vanessa Urenda
Location: Folsom, CA

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