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Luana Maxi Dress

Sale price$149.00


  • 100% Viscose
  • Hand wash on cold or delicate machine cycle
  • Lay flat to dry

Discover the Luana Maxi Dress: A Symphony of Style and Sophistication

Introducing the Luana Maxi Dress, a stunning blend of style and sophistication that commands attention with every step. Picture yourself strolling through sun-drenched boulevards, exuding effortless glamour.

Crafted from the finest fabrics with meticulous attention to detail, the Luana Maxi Dress is more than just a garment; it’s a statement piece. Inspired by the lush blooms of exotic gardens, its flowing silhouette captures the essence of feminine allure.

Available in hues reminiscent of a painter’s palette, from soft pastels to vibrant bursts of color, each dress is a canvas waiting to be adorned. Whether you're dancing under the stars or sipping cocktails by the shore, the Luana Maxi Dress promises to elevate every moment with its undeniable charm.

Embrace the romance of a bygone era and let your inner goddess bloom. With the Luana Maxi Dress, the world is your stage, and every moment is an opportunity to shine.



SIZE US/CAN BUST (inches) WAIST (inches)
HIPS (inches)
XS 0-2 31-32 24-25 35-36
S 2-4 32-33 25-26 36-37
M 4-6 36-37 27-28 38-39
L 8-10 39-40 29-30 40-41


Luana Maxi Dress
Luana Maxi Dress Sale price$149.00