Fall Fashion Guide: Belts and the Suede Collection

Fall is officially here and it's time to update your wardrobe with some statement pieces. One accessory that has been making a comeback are Suede Leather Belts.

Belts have always been a staple in a woman's wardrobe but this season, they are taking on a whole new life. Whether it's a thin waist belt or a chunky statement piece, belts are an easy way to switch up your look and add some dimension to your outfit.

Fall Collection

At Ada Collection, we have curated a stunning collection of belts that are perfect for fall. Our Belts and the Suede Collection, in particular, is a must-have for the season. 

Fall for it all

Belts and the Suede Collection are made from high-quality material. This belt looks great over a sweater dress, or even for cinching a blazer.

Have you tried all the ways you have to tie your belt? Learn 8 ways to tie your belt!

Suede Collection



If you're looking for a belt to make a statement, the Berry Suede Leather Wrap Belt is for you. This belt is both stylish and versatile. It can be worn wrapped around your waist, over a dress or even with an oversized sweater. The Berry Suede Leather Wrap Belt is perfect for defining your waistline and giving your outfit a polished look.

Berry SuedeBerry Belt

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For a more casual, yet stylish look, we have the Army Suede Leather Belt. This belt is the perfect addition to a pair of white trousers and a casual sweater. It's a great way to add some texture and depth to your outfit.

Army BeltArmy Wrap Belt


Finally, for a more classic look, we have the Cognac Suede Leather Belt. This belt is perfect for adding some edge to your outfit. It looks great with a long, flowy dress, a pair of high waisted jeans or cinched with a blazer.

 Cognac SuedeCognac Leather Suede Belt

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Trust us, our Suede Collection is a must-have for fall. The NEW Fall Colection has a range of styles and textures that are perfect for any occasion and for every body. So go ahead, add a belt to your outfit and make a statement this fall!


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